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I’m a medical technology student and want to write magazine, information, helpful articles on health insurance and beauty. I wanted to write all my learning things on my websites when I’ve accepted to my university. Sometimes for extra pressure of huge medical review and examination I can’t continue writings. But whenever I get some good free moment in time I start writing on my blog and upon this website.

I’ve completed my graduation B.Sc in Medical from Rangpur Medical College. NOW I AM a lecturer on the Nursing University. I live at Rangpur in Bangladesh. I’ve accepted on M.Sc in Islami College or university, Kustia.

Most of us know that, Health is Prosperity. Some people know about health insurance and some piece of men and women don’t value health. Similarly, a lot of people are extremely seriously interested in their beauty plus some other are careless to beautify their face and body. We the creator of discover an unique idea to provide and exhibit the knowing of health insurance and beauty one of the people.

At trickknow we will post contents regularly predicated on health insurance and beauty and sometimes on Technology. Why will we write on Technology? Because we assume that only scientific knowledge is ability. It’s true that knowledge is ability, aside from the 20th-century people, i have to edit the brand and say Technological knowledge is electricity. Technology is everyplace, from labor and birth to fatality of a baby nowadays is encircled with technology. almost all the item or product they victimization with regards to style like sensible Watch, fitness checker, Brain Mounted show and lot most of the trendy varieties of technology. Knowledge has given us good deal of of technical product and that people the consumers became relied about them. That’s why we have been also focused on provide the Technological knowledge.

You will find no parents who doesn’t love the youngster. So, every parents specially mother can accumulate information released on baby treatment.

Are you by themselves at home? And felling tired? Feel absolve to check our articles about DO-IT-YOURSELF SOLUTION. We publish different kinds of home solution on our website.

We want to write, wish to do research, love our tourists who value our articles released on your website