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Fruit Benefits children’s illness

Fruit Benefits children’s illness


Fruits benefits for chilldren


Small children are always various diseases. Father and mother just started soon medications. Bitter medicine to treat children at any time, but the kids did not want to eat. Sometimes children are fed delude sweet purchased. Fruit more than sweets for the kids as well. The kids love to eat fruit. Two types of sour and sweet fruit in the market which is found kids like that. A lot of fresh and dried fruit nectar works like many other diseases to children. Fresh fruits oranges, grapes, bananas, apples, guava, pomegranate and dried fruit nuts will improve health and vitality will be feeding the kids.


Weak children:

Most of the children who do not get mother’s milk are weak and the health of their body weight is simply the less. These children regular ripe orange juice feeding will be healthy and the body from various diseases can be saved. The lack of nutrients children who are weak and thin, so that the kids can eat ripe bananas regularly every day feeding health will improve. Of course, the goal is not to be so upset stomach.


Increase the weight of the children:

Fresh goat or cow milk one percent share of the orange juice and two percent a little warm water with mixed feeding from the release can be found in a variety of diseases. Thus, orange lemon juice mixed with honey eat can be found for the same benefit. Gradually increase the weight of the baby.


Orange treatment:

Ninety-nine percent of the children in underdeveloped and developing countries is greater than just the mother’s milk. But unfortunately, eighty percent of the mother’s breast milk is not necessary. As a result, many child health has deteriorated. Since the beginning of the baby’s health is worse than any disease can be. Lack of sufficient vitamin orange regularly the baby mother and child feed orange juice if the mother’s milk and the baby health will be improved. Especially in the winter orange juice on a regular basis, the children need to be feed. Eating juice can cause a cough, runny nose among children.


Grape juice treatment:

If you can feed a child for every day 1 teaspoon of grapes juice constipation children away. If you clean the baby’s stomach and other diseases will be less. In addition, 1 teaspoon of grape juice in the morning and afternoon feeding babies cry for no reason to reduce nausea whimper. Growing up in the teeth can be found for the benefit. Dry the baby’s body will reduce nausea and dry cough. That fits all children have to be fed with the grape juice three times a day from this disease will be released very soon. If possible feed grape juice mixed with honey. The children will frolic and health will improve. Your goal should be to keep the grape juice is not the too bad stomach for feeding the baby.


Fruit scurvy and skin diseases treatment:

If lemon juice every other day honey and cod liver oil can be fed just like this disease can be very beneficial.


Children’s stomach problems:

Children’s stomach is always a problem. Who children regularly eat the fruit. They are children do not eat all the fruit looseness. However, Apple will not be a problem feeding the stomach. Looseness reduces feeding boiled apple. Do not allow children to drink the orange juice particularly in the sour oranges, not at all.


Additional fruit juice or fruit, do not feed the child in the stomach can be a problem. The amount of fruit and fruit juice should not be a problem to feed the baby and the baby’s health will be better. The active ingredient fruits for the health of the baby. Fruit is very beneficial to the talent exhibition and health. Therefore, fruit or fruit juice regularly feeding your baby every day. And of course, spurious-free fresh fruit to feed the baby. The children will be well and healthy.

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