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Some of the comfortable thing in summer

Some of the comfortable thing in summer


This summer fashion

Summer means heat discomfort, so some things needed to escape the summer heat. Such as comfortable clothing, shoes, sunglasses, etc. If these things to us will be free from the summer heat. Besides all these fashions urgent for us, so we can use the bag. Moreover, some necessary thing to be able to keeps of bags. Makeup needs to be the right way for the right look.


You can choose the heat of summer, vest, tops, skirts or any clothes that are comfortable. And this summer there is no alternative to cotton fabric. Cotton is comfortable, as well as for ventilation. Your choice of light colors such as light pink, light green, white, light purple colors to choose recommended. Girls’ dress in dark colors, but at night there is no harm. Vest tops with jeans, a skirt suit both. However, you can wear with a floral scarf can add another dimension. With time becoming more popular in the West pelage pants baggy short, tight clothes for superior ventilation.


Let’s go quick in the context of Part dress shoes. So that at the time of taking out your colorful sandals, and if Shoes to match your clothes, but it is not bad. Not like those colorful Shoes, they wear sandals in a light color, with eye-catching neon or pastel color nail polish on his feet throughout the day. But keep in mind that the colors of the Cumulus is not severe


One must the sunglasses summer friend it`s cannot forget you. Now is the time to contribute to the big sunglasses. And then you can take your expression to portray all kinds of bracelets, as well as sunglasses.

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Let’s come in the context of the bag. Since the summer with some of the necessary things do not drop, so timely shoulder bags. So you have to pick the right bag. You can pick up small bags are the best. Small bags are convenient to carry. You can choose the leather bags. Leather bags are the different designs. Lather bags can be used according to your preferences.


So is everything, but the hair. Tie your hair, leaving open the heat is recommended. But even if a little touches of surprises, what harm? The accumulation of dust on the outside of your hair can be laid open. So this is good idea to tie your hair. You can bind different hair style for you.


Finally makeup, Makeup is more thinking about the end of summer. However, should comply with certain rules. A moisturizer is the most important. Protect your skin from sunburn. Not only the face, hands and legs is better to use a moisturizer. Then, using a BB cream and setting powder makeup can last. As well as parts of the face to show the bright face of an eyeball can add highlighter. If you use heat in the eyes, choose the waterproof eyeliners. Natural color lipstick is popular in summer.

3 things to take out of the house before and never forget. Pocket tissues, a bottle of water and an umbrella. If it is the fault of color or floral umbrella! Do not forget you are the author of your fashion, and fashion covers the entertaining lives of your power.

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