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Use proper makeup in understand the time

 Use proper makeup in understand the time

At times vary seasonally weather prevailing in our country. When the make-up of the season is important to understand, if you do not ruin the whole make-up can be. You may feel that you can wear when it is considered to be of any make-up. However, there is no worry, there’s no knowing how to season make-up. I’m just talking about the make-up of summer.

Summer It is the responsibility of moving the heat properly. All of intense heat during the make-up of many people is afraid to be heard. But that only parties or special occasions, and it is not advisable to go without makeup. There will be so dominant in summer, the matches will continue our lifestyles and scored. So let’s get to know how they will do in the summer make-up.


  1.  First, wash your face with a good brand to clean the face. Take the choice of oil free Face Wash oily skin, oily or later face make-up to make it worse. Then you can rub a piece of ice.
  2.  Now, with the help of cotton dry and normal skin and oily skin toner refer to. Wait 5 minutes to completely blend in with your skin may be.
  3.  Take a sunscreen lotion during the day, the night, the party does not need it anymore.
  4.  If you want to last for a long time, but you can use make-up and skin Primer. It is not mandatory, if you do not wish to be excluded.
  5.  If you have acne or spots on the skin, then make something else with canceler. In this case, one shades brighter than your skin color to color choice. If you do not mark any kind and this step can be omitted.
  6.  Lets Foundation. You can choose a shade of bright color, or you can use the same color as your skin color. Note that you must be at the foundation is oil free. Take extra oily skin, liquid foundation, instead of the matte foundation choice. Oil free then you will find a suitable brightness for the day.
  7.  Refer mineral powder with a large brush touches. If you want a liquid / matte mineral powder foundation instead of just you can use.


  1.  Now turn to beautify the eyes. Eye Shadow can be used along with clothes, and the two eyes can party the night smoky tinge. At first Eye Prime pages to take in the two eyes. Shadow’s eyes filled with the same color; Shadow while responding to two or three colors you can use. It will come with a different dimension. Shadow is the powdery note.



  1.  Carla’s eyes with an eyelash curled petals, and to the choice of two eyes with mascara.
  2.  Finally, you can take two blush pat on the cheek. However, it should be ensured that Matt is on blush. On the morning of the dark-colored blush Please do not use.


  1.  If you wish the make-up setting spray to increase stability. The look and Shine effects can be oil free.


Remember a couple of make-up before the make-up to cover the scar on your face, use a lot of cosmetics, not to destroy the natural beauty of the skin. So try to make your skin color with respect to the make-up. Thousands of people in the face, then you will be able to run the show. Therefore, it is not afraid of the heat, Raise your own beauty.

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