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Rice powder to glamorous skin

Rice powder to glamorous skin

Rice flour are very beneficial for the skin

Rice powder or rice flour that will meet the needs of your diet! There is no job that’s a big mistake not think. Skin care is very useful rice powder. When I look in the mirror at the end of the day back home is bound to be bad for all of us, more or less mind. Effects of pollution on the environment, sweat, oil, oily keep the face of the very pale. This condition can be released easily from the regular use of rice powder. Within a very short period of time will understand that changes in the skin. We have no patience for long-term skin care, especially those who do not want to think about them very useful thing for the rice powder. Week two / three days within one month of use, the skin will be fair, open and blooming spots.

Rice powder that works

Rice powder is very high (amainobenzine acid), which acts as a good sunscreen. As a result, the skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Illation rice powder at the material repair to skin damaged by sunburn and skin exactly. Tyrosine’s melanin production in the skin, the material powder of rice at reduced rates. Remove excess skin oil production, rice powder and Sigma. On rice powder is high in vitamin B, damaged skin cells, which produce new skin to prevent aging. Rice powder enhances the skin collagen production and prevents wearing hanging up tight.


This mask can be made to several of the rice powder. However, I am here to tell you about three face mask make your skin will work like magic. Will remove dye stains from the face, tingling, and will be fair and bright, until a few shed.

Rice powder, flour and milk mask

One teaspoon of rice powder, One teaspoon flour and One teaspoon of milk powder / liquid milk, two teaspoons

All components must be mixed well. He washed his face mixer face and neck should be set at 10 minutes. Then washed off with warm water will be better. Keep in mind not to do so in the face. Mask put it 3 times a week. Did you see The Shining skin within one month?

Rice powder, fuller’s earth, and tomato mask

Take one teaspoon of rice powder and half a teaspoon of tomato juice to take fuller’s earth and half.

Mix well all the ingredients to be one. Wash your face and neck to be put in the mouth of the mask.10 minutes after the face wash. This excess oil from your skin, so that the skin bright will be very similar. 3 days a week will put the mask. However, it is better to be applied once a day. However, within a week you will start receiving the results.


Rice powder and Aloe mask


The mask acts as a very good pack. Effective Skin-to the dead skin away. For this is what you have to do:

One teaspoon of rice powder and mix two teaspoons of Aloe Vera juice is applied to the face to be 0 minutes. 0 minutes after the mouth with water soaked up light hand massage and mask will be removed. And as usual with plenty of water to wash his face well. Two times a week should be enough.


Homemade mask is usually free of any chemicals. So it takes a little time to work these mask. Chemical product works very quickly, but it has side effects. Side effects are sometimes very evil influence. It takes a little more time for the skin using a chemical free homemade mask is very good. The skin damage, but it has rarely been used regularly long-term results are available.

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