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Pregnant Women: What should be done, what is not

Pregnant Women: What should be done, what is not


Pregnant mother should be always on guard.

This is the moment when the desired pregnancy in any woman’s life, they abide by the advice of the elders and neighbors cannot understand what they should be. Sometimes the advice was cause harm to the mother and the baby. So after considers under the auspices of a gynecologist to confirm the pregnancy, as well as a risk factor (which is risky for the mother or child) to see if there will be.

Unexpected events that may occur after the first pregnancy is abortion, Because a lot of family members accused of prejudice, such as being out after dark, husband and wife intercourse, etc minor injuries. These are generally not responsible for the abortion. 100 pregnant women increase the risk of miscarriage in the first 15 cases. The reason for this may be determined by medical examination.

Keep in mind a few things

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman to hear is prejudice different psychological impact, so as not to prejudice the good of the pregnant woman. Some of the topics that can be done or cannot be done, it’s very seriously these issues and more. Stay discontinued some heavy work, if you work in the accumulation of fat in your body, which can be stopped if the delivery time can have a detrimental effect. Let’s see what you can and what cannot be.

  1. Many mothers feel vitamin pills increases the risk of playing the baby to grow and Caesar. This is a wrong idea. Vitamin A mother’s blood reduces the chance of bone loss and emptiness away.


  1. At the time, many mothers refrain from physical exertion and sexual intercourse. Pregnant mothers can continue to work without all the usual. However, the first and the last three months have been a bit more careful a mother for 30 minutes a day to exercise, any medium ( walk, swim) from 3 to 7 days a week. This being overweight, diabetes, and lowers the risk of pressures. Again, for additional physical labor, low birth weight babies may be born


  1. Many mothers leave their Petticoat stopping Tighten stomach so the baby is not on the rise. In fact, the baby outside the womb in order to protect it from damage around the amitotic insulating fluid or water, and at this time the mothers are advised to wear loose clothing-pour.


  1. Papaya and pineapple fruit is beneficial for stomach and can eat moderate amounts. However, those who have history of abortion in the first three months of additional raw papaya and pineapple eat well. In some cases, they can cause uterine contractions, causing a miscarriage. This is the semi-boiled meat; hot dog eating bacteria infection from an abortion could be called wisteria. Much of the time from the pet cat may be infected with bacteria.


  1. There are those who sleep on their extra tea, coffee should be excluded if you have problems and pressures that excessive salt intake should not be eaten.


  1. There’s a lot of doubt whether an additional ultrasound baby any harm. The ultrasound is the amount of radiation that is harmful for the child. Pregnancy ultrasound may need to turn 24 times. However, the complexity of some cases, more than the mother or the child may need to check this out.


  1. Finally, keep in mind, pregnant mother should be always cheerful and light-hearted. Because the mother’s emotional state during pregnancy affects the development of the baby later.

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