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What to do and what not to do in the ministry of the rainy season

What to do and what not to do in the ministry of the rainy season

ministry of the rainy season

The summer monsoon brings great comfort. But whether or not rain during the rainy season is a time ranging from infection is much more serious difficulties. Therefore, at this time a little more caution should be maintained. Change some habits, some of the rules, but the rainy season becomes more beautiful. What do you do to keep yourself beautiful and the rainy season is not itself take a look at some tips on what to do

1) If you go back home before the rain like his head will be cut off. It would take a bath and then there is the possibility of cold. Bathing in lukewarm water during the rainy season is good, but many of the hot water tap, the skin turns red, it is better to bathe in water for any loss or damage to the skin will not be.


2) All of the things we pursue today. So, time for yourself, time is reduced. Cleaning Wipe the face of the new trend these days is for facial, which can be found in packets. But the rainy season, do not use facial wipe. Wipe clean with a facial mouth right away when it is not clear, but the bacterial infection, the skin is more likely to rupture.

3) The rainy season is very important to choose the right shoes. Many of the rainy season, but it is not correct to wear shoes on your feet covered. As a result of dirty water, mud and humidity during the rainy season because of the foot becomes wet and sticky, and with the wet shoes all day at the office, or if the ankle is broken, and smell. Back home to get rid of this problem would be to wash the feet very well. If you must wear waterproof shoes open at the foot of the problems can be found in the release. Now, less than the cost which is found in very bright colors, waterproof shoes, wearing looks good, and would not have these problems.

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4) This was the shoes. Let the words of clothes. The monsoon means cold and cough, and fever infection. Do not wear tight clothing at this time, because it is very close to the skin tight clothing and wear tight clothing as dirty water in the rainy season, further increasing the chance of infection will persist in the dust of the church. So at this point we need to put loose silk or synthetic clothing because it dries very quickly.

5) At this time the air is very humid, so make-up, but is likely to lose. Use make-up brands, so good.

6) Back home to wash your face with a Lemon juice mixed with water to wash the face with it, and the day will go to Tan sticky facial expression will be removed.

7) At this time the sun is low in the sky over the face of so many sunscreen (sunscreen) does not apply. When the sun, but it would be utterly wrong idea to put sunscreen. Apply sunscreen to the sun, but the sun’s UV (UV) light to escape. So no matter how clear the sky, whether it will put sunscreen before going out.

Finally, the health aspect should be sacrificed. Outside food and water, you cannot eat as much. This time upset stomach, so the cold is likely to keep his hands clean. With all the time we need to keep an umbrella and thus healthy and beautiful way to enjoy the rainy season.

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