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Let’s see how to use perfume

Let’s see how to use perfume


How to use perfum

Perfume is actually a part of the personality. If you use perfume can learn manners as well, your personality will appear more remarkable. Many like me who am very big fan of perfume. They say, the use of perfume sets correctly ages abide by it? Neither irresponsible use of perfume in front of others uncomfortable reduces again?

If you are worry about the following tips to avoid perfume that dominate

Let’s choice

As you is personal, perfume selection as the preferred terminology. How and what you really love and experience at any time, without knowing that it was caused joy. Perfume selection, it is no exception. Ask yourself, “Do you love peace and refreshment?” “Do you love something sweet or floral?” “Do you love intense and pungent things?” If you choose a perfume brand, which will awaken your personality and your vicinity his fall will be spared. Encouraged by a friend as a gift, or simply to have found a brand must not rush buying. I feel that it will satisfy itself, select the type.

Do not tinker with fragrant hair

Many users fragrant hair perfume fragrance need for a long time. Do not do it! The market is mostly alcohol in perfumes, alcohol, and makes hair dry. Although the hair can hold our skin better than perfume, because the skin on our body heat due to the perfume does not last long. If you want to smell like a hair from your favorite perfume, shampoo and conditioning the hair and choose the best. The perfumed clapping his hands so that the heat consumed alcohol hand disappear. Then run your fingers through the hair.

Do not tinker with fragrant cloth

We usually make clothes and put on perfume. But there is in fact no benefit! Because the flavor a little later vanishes, no matter what he’s as famous brands, perfume rules, you have to stay there for a while around the spray, the fragrance will rub your body. Besides wrist, earlobe and neck a little spray can. the smell is long lasting.

Take instead

You used to always use the same perfume, or maybe your dressing table is filled with different-style perfume. Either way, it’s a very interesting subject and a reflection of what’s happening with your personality, your mood. Sarah suggested light and strong and pungent smell of perfume daytime use at night. Or you can change with the seasons and weather changes. Your perfume is because of self-expression through the most powerful and memorable. Use perfume understands the mood and enjoys the results!


The best way to hold daylong sweet coatings, That is, aromatic shower, use a body-Wash, Body Lotion, or body-smell a little oil a day, and to increase the humidity. Then your pulse points as a perfume body oil paint and applying the finishing touch. But, for all-day fresh, fragrant!

Do not use excessive perfume

From perfume to use the extra practice if they leave now. Because of your perfume irritating others stood cymbals harmful to your personality.

Check yourself

Physical chemistry is the last element of perfume. I like the smell of someone else’s body; your body can not take it, even though she is your mother or sister. Each of us has a different body chemistry to create. And just because he works in a perfume’s body, your body will not like it. Check yourself before buying perfume on the skin. Wait at least 0 minutes for results. 10 minutes, if not more than the perfect perfume for you!

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