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Quick and easy way to lose fat

Quick and easy way to lose fat


How to lose your body fat

A common problem many people face these days is the weight. The light was thin but going to a sudden increase in abdominal fat, waist on both sides is the accumulation of fat, do not wear anymore, choice. He again invited to the Diet today, tomorrow or the Hangout. I worked all day but sit and, at the end of the day I do not have time to exercise, do not have the desire. No way to lose weight without diet or exercise, while others do not. The results of the body fat, your body’s metabolism to reduce body fat and depending on the rate, Weight loss or fat contribute about 90 percent of shading in the rest of the 10 percent of your diet and your exercise exercising chart.


First you need to understand your metabolism. The process of metabolism in your body, what you’re eating and drinking has become a persistent energy or power. Or is this burning energy that is somehow going to the accumulation of fat. This function is that the amount of calories that your body’s metabolic rate to use. Several of these may be a slow metabolic rate, which may be due to the almost impossible for you to lose weight. First, you do not know what these things km


1) Your abdomen, thighs and buttocks excess fat accumulation in it.

3) If you have trouble sleeping.

4) If the muscle tone of the problem.

5) The food of the wrong foods, and much more if small amounts of the right foods.

6) The amount of exercise is too much, too little exercise, or exercise the wrong way.

7) Genetically slow your metabolic rate and the pattern is coarse.

40 also decrease the metabolic rate naturally.

So we do not know 5 simple and quick ways to increase your metabolic rate.


1) Your all-day dining logic behind a bicycle into 10- 12 hour day. This will be your body fat burning environment, and all night long the body will be change. That is, you will eat from 8am to 7pm.


2) Got up exercise on an empty stomach. Naturally, in the morning, your body is ready to burn fat, lose weight, which helps a lot. Maximum fat loss exercise is necessary to set any kind of T-3, without rest. Get the workout 3 times a week.


3) The baby water after workouts or any of a protein shake made with whey drink. On the one hand it will meet your desire to eat about 1 hour after starvation will increase your body. However, this protein shake cannot be used in any kind of sugar.


4) Keep the end of the meal fiber foods. To reduce the weight does fluctuate a lot of blood sugar, which increases the desire to eat. So eat that which will give you the feeling of a full stomach, but he will not accumulate fat. He can eat barley, brown rice or brown bread flour, oatmeal, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, different types of pulses, apples, guava, oranges, dates, raisins.


5) Why then? Since we cannot change our age or genetic, so that through these small but effective changes, but will be able to reduce excess fat in the body. But one thing to bear in mind not just the accumulation of fat in one day, one day, as the body cannot get rid of him. There is the fat of the patient to comply with the rules; you will be fit as well.

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