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Eat iodine-rich foods

Eat iodine-rich foods

Iodine is an essential component of the body

Iodine is an essential element for the human body. Malfunction of the thyroid gland works for the fate of the mineral component of our ideas needs to be transparent. Our human body called the thyroid gland regulates metabolism and growth. If there is a lack of iodine in your body, you could be the following symptoms of fatigue, lethargy come, high cholesterol, depression, swollen glands, including the thyroid, much more.

For pregnancy

If this is the problem of iodine in pregnant women and children are likely to be complications at birth. 33% of people in our country still have problems caused by iodine deficiency. If you’re taking the right doses of iodine know whether or not the amount of iodine in urine emitted with the test. We accept iodine through food with urine out of the body is 90%. Urinary iodine levels would know that you know, if we’re taking the proper amounts of iodine. The average urinary iodine levels, with an average consumption of iodine in the body of iodine nutritional condition.

Taking 150 micrograms of iodine per day for an adult person is sufficient. However, if you know that there is no food iodine; iodine-rich foods in your diet can easily. Let us assume that, in the name of the food contains iodine

The Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt is known as iodized salt. The amount of iodine salt contains iodine than is the salt. .05 Grams of salt and 50 grams of Himalayan source of iodine.


Round potato is a good source of iodine. Not only anodyne potatoes are rich in calories but are low. Is a perfect medium-sized potatoes 60 micrograms of iodine?


Mosses plenty of marine iodine, your daily iodine needs met seaweed is an excellent food material. You’ll be surprised to know that there are 7 grams of dried seafood Moss lot of micrograms of iodine.


Bread can be a source of iodine to meet the requirements of the day. Two slices of white bread contains 45 micrograms of iodine in iodine, which can meet the daily needs of 30%.


Milk is a good source for calcium and protein. Just 1 cup of milk and 56 micrograms of iodine, Protein, calcium and iodine to meet the needs of milk per day is required.


Lobster is a great source of iodine. Shrimps 100 grams of a 100 gram lobster contain iodine. Although lobster is not possible to buy an expensive fish that everyone all the time.


Corn huge source of iodine, Sup with pop corn or corn you can eat. You get 12 cups of corn, 14 micrograms of iodine. Keep an eye on your food from the list so that the proper amount of iodine per day is not taking all of your Family.


Yogurt can help you a lot in your iodine needs met. 1 cup yogurt and your body can provide 90 micrograms of iodine.

Boiled egg

You will need to sit iodine. 1 boiled egg each supplying micrograms of iodine can. Besides, eggs, vitamin A, protein, calcium and a good source of antioxidant.


Iodine is an essential element for the human body. To eat more foods rich in iodine, you get rid of a variety of complex issues. Keep iodine-rich foods in your diet and stay healthy.

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