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Let’s see, why can reduce the capacity of women, children

Let’s see, why can reduce the capacity of women, children


The child becomes interested in married life. Married without children, life is never pleasant. With older children, the capacity of women’s naturally a bit lower. Not only that, life is something more children reduces the carrying capacity.

What capacity is reduced due to the child?

Mental pressure –

According to the study, women who have been in long-term stress or anxiety, many of them children, Child capacity reduced capacity, because stress causes changes in the body. However, the pressure is not the only reason. The researchers suggest, women who want to have children, they are very important to learn how to control stress.

More exercise –

Exercise helps your body to reduce weight and gives strength. When you want to take the child, it is very important. But if you do extra exercise, it could have a negative impact. And more than five hours of exercise a day, they are at risk.

Thyroid problems –

Holding disrupted pregnancy thyroid problems. The thyroid is a gland, which is at the bottom of the front side of the neck. This hormone is secreted from the thyroid. Although the capacity of any problem caused by thyroid may be reduced

Caffeine –

If you have a lot of things to eat the amount of caffeine, it can affect your pregnancy. According to the study, more than the cup of coffee five days, they are the problem. So if you want to have children opinion in favor of reducing the researchers.

Health problems –

Fertility may be a result of a variety of health problems. Plastic ovarian syndrome, cysts, infertility women are responsible for a lot of these issues. Besides, a lot of time because of arthritis is rim toyed. Therefore, these problems will be treated to the first, or the child may have problems holding.

The age –

Seasonal cycles are normally closed when the woman, and child, she could not contain the Child capacity. Seasonal cycles at menopause are going to be closed. However, just before menopause hormone levels in the body decreases progesterone estragon or secreted or not at all, he is called menopause. Menopause is usually between 45 to 50 years. Menopause before 45-year-old can be. So most doctor’s opinion, should a child before the age of 35. The child’s capacity becomes difficult.

Sick body –

For example by reducing the weight of the additional capacity, as well as being damaging too thin. If the woman’s body is thin than lepton hormone deficiency. This is the hormone that controls hunger. This cycle is the problem of shortage of hormones in the body. According to the researchers, height and weight to keep balance a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep the weight. This helps to eliminate women’s fertility.

Extra weight –

Excess weight is a major cause of children. It affects the body’s hormone levels and their ability to bear children is very complicated. This reduces the efficiency of the cervix in women. 18-year-old woman who has weight problems, they are beset by problems of the uterus and reduces their fertility.


I survived a lot of caution. Contain child is a dream for all women. This dream broken due to some carelessness, if you are to hold a child above-mentioned problem, then went to the doctor today to treatment. And the food is more nutritious, they receive food. Stay away from foods that increase body weight. Increased weight capacity decreases child.



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