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Get rid of back acne in just 3 steps

Get rid of back acne in just 3 steps

Acne can be anywhere; even in the back of a lot of acne can be seen. Acne is a panic to name any of the people. We have all suffered more or less the problem. But acne is not just lip service. Various places in the body, such as acne, chin, Thai, chest, back, etc. is. Many of us who are suffering with back acne. For them would today, freedom from acne way back. Just 3 steps you can follow to get rid of back acne. Let’s do not know about the steps. Many of us do not know, maybe I have something to hand back the elements of acne can be eliminated. So let’s do not know how to do away with our back acne.

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Step 1


Basil leaves

Mint contains menthol pages, acne and acne helps to reduce the pain. It helps acne to dry and clean. It also contains anti-oxidants which fight bacterial infections. It would help to remove the spot. There is no alternative to get rid of acne mint leaves.

Lemon juice

The citric acid in lemon juice, acts as a very strong, which helps dry acne and spots away. It has an anti-bacterial agent, which removes bacteria and reduces the growth of acne.

How to Use

Take out the juice of basil leaves and crashed it, so it was teaspoon quantities.  Now teaspoon mint juice in a bowl and mix with a teaspoon of lemon juice, please. Take a cotton ball in the mixture and wafers doused that there take the acne 20 minutes will leave. Do it every day before bathing.

Step Two


Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-septic Properties, which removes bacteria and helps to eliminate acne. This is very harmful for the skin or hair of the head.

How to Use

3 drops of Tea Tree oil to bath time bath water and mix. Take a bath with it to recover. However, the water in your hair does not use it on the scalp.

Step 3


Aloe gel

Aloe gel is a very good work out which acne. Aloe gel and anti-fungal properties, which is also, fungal infections away? Spot acne away, keeps skin soft and cool. So do not forget to use a back acne Aloe gel out.

How to Use

Take back your skin after bathing to remove. Aloe Gel Effective Area replayed Take it away. There is no need to wash it. This is because it cannot be washed off, washed and then all of the elements will become clear. Wait at least 30 minutes after the planting. After 30 minutes you can wash.

The first day, a week, please follow these 3 steps. Then do two days a week. Stress is the main cause of back acne. Free yourself of stress, so you can try to do as much. Just learned how to get rid of acne just in 3 steps back, I hope you will benefit from it.

Do not worry what to say back acne anywhere, whether it is very harmful to us. so back acne, and for effective action to be taken. Back acne goodbye forever to give us tips to follow our tips to the back acne will work well.



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