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Let’s see your eyes look glamorous

 Let’s see your eyes look glamorous

How do you polish your eyes

The eye part and parcel of human body without eye our lives unsatisfied. So a pair of glamorous beauty looks into the largely increased, So much for our eyes to adjust to the toil. Dark circles are a problem, but to our eyes, our eyes destroy the beauty of it all. The eyelids and under eye dark circles, dark spots on the said. I have no reason to do anything. Additional tension, or more night stay awake at night to go to bed, etc. responsible for the day to day irregularities. Once again it did not want to go easily. So dark circles around with despair? So it cannot be. So today I’ll learn how to remove dark circles. What beautiful eyes you have to do is take a look.

Leave the cream

A good idea to say a few words, you never know eye sensitive skin should refrain from using makeup products. If you use a lot of makeup products due to the burning of the skin darkens, it becomes quite difficult to pick the spots. Today, the eyes, dark circles, how do away with natural ingredients, so I’ll try to write. However, this eye serum, as well as the beauty of the eyes for a long period of time if you want to retain good quality eye cream to use some of the talk. Eye cream eye wrinkle the skin from the helps remove dark spots.

In the process of developing the serum

Take a look at what the key elements to need


  1. Cucumber juice (cucumber juice helps to keep an eye cold.)
  2. Potato juice (potato juice will remove the eye dark circles.)
  3. Aloe gel (Aloe gel our house, and I would feel cool)
  4. Castor oil (castor oil increases blood circulation, which would help to eliminate dark circles.)

Small box with lid

First, cucumbers and potatoes Great to Take Blend and strain broth, the amount of each is 1 teaspoon. Now, in a small bowl 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice, 1 teaspoon of potato juice, a half teaspoon of castor oil, 1 teaspoon Take Aloe gel. Keep the ingredients and mix well with a spoon. Aloe gel and castor oil mixed in very well. As a result, the mixture for 3 minutes, mixing well becomes more frequent in the liquid. Pour the mixture on a small casket and Ready of your eye serum.

Terms of Use


I use this at night, good results can be found in serum. After cleaning your face at night, you have to ring a little finger Dark Circle Eye Serum with your hand on the turn and light: 1 minute massage. The night of the day, this eye serum can be used every night. Then you can get a good result. Most of the components used in this serum perishable, so there will be as good as 1 week. The ingredients used in small quantities so it has been taken. This eye serum creates every week.


Everyone wants to have a pair of beautiful eyes. Some of us have to work extra beautiful for the eyes. Beautiful eyes, and is by no means automatic. I want extra care for beautiful eyes. So a pair of beautiful eyes, and some tips for giving us enough responsibility.

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