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What will be the party of the summer days Cosmetics?

What will be the party of the summer days Cosmetics?


Easy summer party makeup tips


Heating has started, so do not worry about how to end the permanent makeup. Hot summer weather and excessive sweating is difficult for the permanent makeup. In the summer due to excessive sweating too much makeup is not permanent. Over the summer, the different kinds of parties are organized. The summer and your party will be an interesting makeup Cosmetics. What will happen today, so let’s assume that the heat of the day Cosmetics.


Like anything the preparation, set up his own mind to think about before going to participate in any kind of party. And require proper preparation of the skin prior to makeup. Those who are planning to participate in the summer in any event, 3 days before the event to remove a facial. When you do the makeup, it can be mixed well with your skin. The first requirement is for a facial. Facial makeup properly, your skin will be bright and attractive.

Event the day preparation

  1. Before facial cleanser face with no makeup, Wash, Splashing cold water in the face repeatedly. Splashing cold water on his face was clear and precise. We felt like this before makeup in the water with it.
  2. Then gently remove the face of the SP-F high-performance, use a good quality sunscreen. It will protect your skin in the summer sun.
  3. Do not use heavy cream or liquid foundation, choose “tinted moisturizer”. With a wet sponge and mix well with your skin. Consolers to hide the dark circles under your eyes, use light. Refer to the set light to the face Luce facial makeup powder. Refer to blush light pink color on the cheeks. Could be the base of your makeup.
  4. During the day, Glitter eye for beauty Avoid eye shadow, choose a matte rather than the eye shadow. Use the Eye-Primer. The eyes of the harness will last for a long time. If you do not have a light on top of the eye Primer using Consolers Luce set with powder.
  5. Eye makeup color selection is dominated by the color of your clothes. Brown, top (Taupe), with cream-colored eye shadow to bring smoky look. Refer to the eyes of many colors of your choice if you dress in black makeup and mascara. Note that they are waterproof.
  6. You can use the Leap-tint color for lips that lasts a long time. In addition, you can use your favorite lipstick color. Lipstick can be damaged by heat, can be used for good quality lipstick. However, instead of lipstick leap-Tint is very good.
  7. Finally, use the “makeup setting spray is something you do to keep your makeup will help. Makeup from your face will not be erased. Hot summer weather and excessive sweating is difficult for the permanent makeup. “Makeup setting spray” It’s very easy to be difficult to use. So you can use it with much interest.



If the hair is not fit to be your whole makeup will be unnecessary. Hair styles difficult to maintain the heat. So choose a bun of your choice, or queue. And nearly take the flower of your choice. Ability to harness your own taste and the like you, If you like your hair will not be any more attractive to men. Why not harness you choose, do not forget to enjoy the event.


Your makeup, hair style and perfectly, and join the party of any kind. Please follow our tips to join the party on a warm day.



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