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How to keep the brightness of your skin

How to keep the brightness of your skin



Young girl how to keep her skin brightness


Do not have time to central point of something on his own the physical appearance of the face you are working hard ever one a period of 24 hours, every day to take care of you’re the physical appearance of the face lose brightness over time cannot just let yourself go there to become less strong especially one who is not an officer a special day you’ll go a will not to experience something physical bad? In less than those who want to see very attractive. Looking for something not the same that Tips will to take you in less than a new brightness in accordance with your expectation.

10 tips to keep the skin brightness

Drink water

  1. You Drink water every day if you eat a little more. Drinking water is in excess of toxins from the body. It will be good for you’re the natural outer which covers a person.

Green tea Take

  1. If your coffee drinking habits gradually to avoid. Get in the habit of drinking coffee instead of green. Green T ea will make your skin smooth.

Use sun scrim

  1. When you are out of the house to save your skin from the sun and the heat of the sun, using the defense. It may be to put something such as a tool the being darkest color there is the natural outer which covers a person , so if you to want something to have clothing it too.

Drink coconut water

  1. If you drink cold water instead of drink the coconut water. Coconut water will increase the brightness of your skin.
  2. The skin is usually oily; they are using the twisted and fuller’s earth.


  1. Many of us do not especially without permission food into the mouth fast food, which is harmful to our skin. Who will make up our habit of eating fast food? Fast food left on our skin will be good.
  2. In your holiday home built to the Holy Face. Make the face plate of raw milk, turmeric is applied to the face in the face made these sit and wait until dry. Plans to see the face, then rinse well and dry your skin is considerably brighter than ever .I’m asking you to try again.
  3. If they come home all day at the office a better way to clean the face. For the reason that a lot of dry dirt form of powder that covers surface inside a building in our face at the time sands deposited. The brightness of your face if you do not clean sand dust is destroyed. So a better way must be clean your face.
  4. Who better to keep your skin needs proper amount of sleep? If you do not sleep well, it will be much more than the toxins in your body. 7 hours sleep per day to keep your skin well. 7 hours sleep is very important for your skin. Who better to keep your skin in the morning?
  5. Eat fruits every day. Become different will be each with a number and design showing one a lot of excess skin. The fruit is very beneficial for your skin.

We read the where about of those who continue to have in your possession their skin if they to move behind someone these tips, and then our skin will become much blooming. We are so busy reason we cannot take care of our skin. For that reason, the following tips are among the tips of our activity.



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