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This summer care of your sweet baby

This summer care of your sweet baby


How to take care of the baby in the summer



Now, a lot of heat is almost unbearable life. Seniors heat worse. So much for the child’s parents is thinking. How to keep children healthy? If your sweetheart this summer is not the best way to take care of many of his disease can be. Take care of your baby! So this summer because of the heat time to prevent illness. Let’s get to know what the disease is higher this summer.


The disease is usually the children’s summer


(1) Dehydration – a lot of sweat, the salt out of the water and mineral water are void.

(2) Vomiting and diarrhea – stale diet or unhealthy diet motorway vomiting and diarrhea.

(3) The skin allergy – loss of body heat, excessive sweating offs the coupe, and there are allergies and prickly heat up as a result of bacterial infection occurs.

(4) The mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue – the heat, the mosquitoes that leads to the outbreak.

(5) Heat stroke – as a result of excessive heat, the body cannot balance, body temperature becomes too hot and breathing becomes thick.

How to take care of bereaved of her whelps

Parents do not have to worry about the kids. What if their child will be better and better as they grow up worrying about it? This summer he’s going to know about how to care.

Please wash your child on a regular basis

The kids are very allergic to heat up. So when the child’s neck can bathe fold, armpit, two folding legs, knees and other body folds and fold in carefully clean. You can mix a few drops of water, neem oil or dental. The body of the baby of the bacteria will be destroyed. The kid always be kept clean. Children must be repeated hand washing habits. Also a thin cotton cloth soaked in several times a day to delete the child’s body.

Food and water

Feed the child’s age. Up to two years of breast-feeding and breast-feeding a child up to 6 months only. During this time, breast-feeding and the child do not need water. After 6 months of breast milk feeding, as well as nutritious and healthy food. After the heat a little kid breast-feeding a baby, so that water does not suffer the void. The saline water, coconut water, juice, fruit juice must be need. A word is important, that the containers should be clean and sterilize your baby eat. To avoid stale food Avoid the food. Extra hot and cold foods to avoid Drink plenty of clean water and boiled.

Houses and the surrounding environment

Must have ventilation in the house, keep the windows open. Cut the bush and remove stagnant water around the house. Cockroaches, ants, rats, flies and mosquitoes keep the house safe. Use this necessary thing. Keep the house clean and disinfect the house.

Cut the hair and nails:

Keep your child’s hair cut short, or if the heat of the day bald head. As a result, he will feel comfortable. Regular nails will cut short.

Air conditioning

Keep the temperature in the baby body suit. With room air conditioners with hot weather, do not go out. If the child is a little off the air conditioner out of habit will bring in hot environments. Do not fan the air directly to the child. In addition, if a problem should consult a pediatrician. Keep your baby healthy.

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