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Become animated by light make-up

                                               Become animated by light make-up



Become animated by light make-up


More or less like everyone to do make-up, Why not make that kind make-up, beautiful way to express you is the main objective of making them. However, many think that a lot of heavy makeup to make she interesting take. This idea is utterly wrong. Make-up itself can be a little more interesting

Skin clinging, toning,

At first please take Skin clinging, toning, and moisturizers. Mechanic-up is very important for a smooth base. The primer must be used. Mechanic-up Primer will help long lasting. You can use moisturizers rich primers. They do not need to use a separate moisturizer. Therefore, photo Finnish Primer primers is a good idea

Full coverage console

Do not use the full face of foundation, choose full coverage console. This match will be perfect with your skin. Dark circles or spot where your mouth console is the only apply in those areas and blend well with it. Full coverage console all the spots on your face will cover the stain completely. As a result, you will not need to use the foundation and the skin is a natural and healthy to see it. Console set the Face to Face and powder with a brush and applies it to the full. The powder is light coverage. Since you made console faces some places, so only use powder everywhere, but that may take a little punk. Face powder is used to make adjustments to bring the whole face.

There is no need to contorting cream and highlighter

As you all trapped in heavy makeup are not, therefore, do not need the cream contorting and highlighting. Face Powder Brush contorting chooses the light, chick sister down, nose and forehead. It does not take much to see your makeup. If you want, you can put the light brash. But it just depends on your own desires. Use highlighting powder instead of liquid highlighter. This will give your face a natural look. Which is much more pleasant to view?

Eye bro pencil / eye bro gel

Eye bro draw the eye pencil / Eye bro gel can be used But with respect to the use of your garb. Eye bro not draw very deep way. It is very bad to see. Draw a very light hand Eye bro the light of stroke. A better option might be setting any pigment Eye bro jail. We use that to set Eye bro. There is some Eye bro prison, which is color. This is the type of gel Eye bro brush with it. Eye bro and the sets are beautiful and come in a natural color.

Eye shadow

With the eyes of the sort that would be different in the eyes of eye shadow there are no words. Use a very light eye shadow color of eyelids samara. Blend lightly with a light brown color to the crease of the

eye. It will be a bland look. You can also put heat. It depends on your desires. One eye on the petals does not forget to use mascara coat.



You can use lipstick with lipstick of your choice. Remember, however, additional ferry rides will not be used to color the better. You can wear it low smoothness.

Brats faces are covered in make-up perfectly enhanced the beauty of your face. So, do not always need a lot of makeup. Thus, by using a little bit of makeup products become attractive.



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