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According to wear earrings in the shape of your face

 According to wear earrings in the shape of your face 



The interests of all women’s are earrings. All women want to wear earrings, these earrings do not fit you, and then that is what he said, according to the shape of your face, so wear earrings. Fashion-conscious women are one of the unique aspects of earrings. Matching pair of earrings to keep in mind for choosing a direction, in harmony with the kind of dress is chosen, such as earrings, so you need to keep in mind the shape of the face.

‘Jewelry, clothing, or any person in the garb flourishes. The shape of the human face style is different. With all kind of shape does not suit all types of earrings, Therefore, the shape of his face with an eye to choosing earrings well. “The most important thing in the choice of personalities and custom jewelry, It then moves to the shape of the mouth of the earrings.


Longish face

Longish face big, round pendant is chosen. It will be the appearance of balance. In this case, it is not long hanging pendant fitting. However, too much like someone hanging earrings, the long hair and earrings can be worn open the medium-sized.

An oval face

Your face shape is slightly oval, but you can wear any earrings ring safely. For an oval face is not to pick any of the earrings. Perfect for all of your face; just pick your own choice to wear earrings.

Round face

For a round face elongated, big pendant is quite fitting. Round pendant not agree at all with the goal mouth. Round face and round pendant that looks barely do so. You never know, do not wear rings round for round faces. Longish pendant is perfect for you.

Square or mouth shape

For the spread of the mouth, choosing the big earrings, experts advised. Pasha, earring or pendant at-large of the National admits.


The formation of the face and neck a few more things to keep in mind

  1. Some face a tinge and their facial this style. Amulet and jewelry they can wear easily. The indigenous traditions of many great admit them moved. Ring pearls that matched the face.
  2. If the ring pattern in the West can wear some form of mouth. In this case, instead of local genres of modern jewelry pattern jewelry agrees more.
  3. If the neck size is a bit small, too large, then avoid hanging pendant. If the shoulders are touching the earrings, it would gaudy. And his advice on how to structure the appearance of choice


  1. When the jaw of a large pendant can choose. Ring ear, then down the side of the jaw is a little cover, Again, a little broken, but the face of such a large pendant fitting.


  1. No one dominates jewelers teamed with hair, some of the preferred hair dresser. It really depends on your own choice. The narrow shape of the mouth, can easily adapt to the heavy pendant. But big mouth wide, and if anyone has been like that for such a large pendant, the harness-dress will be bringing some changes. Light patterns such as jewelry with black sari agree. In this case, the hairdresser will be light again, slightly curly hair, maybe just took the bottom side. That is, any one of which will focus on the rest of the fitting harness some of the discount.



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