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This winter skin and hair to be alive


What do these winter skin and hair



The dry winter means nature. At that time, the appearance of nature, as well as the drying becomes dry and dull. This requires extra care during dry and dull appearance. Especially in winter, the skin and the hair becomes rough, so you need to take special care of skin and hair. Through proper care, we will be able to maintain the beauty of winter skin and hair.

Skin care –

Cream in the winter, you should note that the use of soap and let the moisturizer is added. Do not use the cream at least twice a day. With vitamin E cream is used.

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Use sunscreen

Generally, we think, does not require a sunscreen in the winter, this misconception. It is true that sunlight is necessary for a healthy and beautiful skin. It found that the vitamin required, but more sunlight on the skin and premature aging because of irreparable damage. This ray sunscreen reduces inflammation. Winter is important to use a sunscreen on a regular basis.

Use a moisturizer cream

Winter humidity is low, which reduces the skin feeling moist. This can lead to skin wrinkles. In the case of moisturizer cream can be used. In addition, the use of rose water and glycerin and the best results are achieved. In addition, you can use olive oil. Olive oil or moisturizer to the face massages sleep well. Cleaning the skin and the skin becomes animated.


Another problem is going to be cold lips and black Glycerin solution. Lips with his tongue repeatedly. Glycerin, or put them in jail before going to sleep and leap. Hands, feet, lips or skin with the Vitamin E Vaseline tinker.

Hair care –

Use proper shampoo

Moisture in the air due to low winter hair becomes rough and dandruff is oppression. Use good shampoo for dandruff. Usually two kinds of hair are that oily and dry. Oily hair is important to keep the case clean scalp. Good hair washed with shampoo for hair day intervals. And hot oil therapy works well in dry hair. Olive oil is a little hot towel soaked in hot water, and then massages the hair roots should be wrapped up. Then wash the hair using shampoo for hair.

Comb hair

Comb your hair before going to sleep at night if you remove the polish. . The hair will fall off and you cannot sleep emotional stress


Massage your hair

Much winter hair becomes rough Aga burst Eng. This winter, get rid of hair at night before going to sleep warm coconut oil or olive oil to the massage. At the tip of the roots of the hair and the warm oil massage is better to go to sleep. The presence of hair oil, hair coloring, cutting off all night and the hair becomes rough sparkling bright

Vitamin E is good for the hair. Two days after the collapse of any oil, oil mixed with vitamin E capsules and put on a good way to keep for 3 hours. If the night is like. Wash off in the morning. However, sometimes hair washes with warm water not more.

Winter skin and hair care, but you should be careful about eating. Beautiful winter vegetables and fruits are necessary for healthy skin and hair. Bean, cowpea, varying spinach, peas and cauliflower keep the daily diet. Eat all the fruit reach every day. Such as apple, plum or whatever she did.


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