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This spring allergies

                                                           This spring allergies


What damage our allergies


There are all more or less allergy problems. However, they suffer more than those who are allergic to the trash. Dividends, if you can get rid of a little careful. Increased incidence of allergy to any particular time of the year, normally those allergic to dust, sand or dust allergies, there is trouble almost all year. In the spring of this type of allergies increases, From February to April is usually the problem.

The reason for the increase of allergies

Spring flower season, we all know that. Whatever the favorite season, why not celebrate the event in the spring, the flowers of spring allergies. During the winter, the plant comes to new leaves, the flower, blossom comes, the grass grows. The flowers and grass pollen in the air is a poll or take a wander on the float or insects. The wind picks up pollen on different parts of the plant to reproduce. The spring in the air, which increases the number of tiny eggs poll your eyes, nose, skin and even into the lungs cannot breathe. That was the main reason for an increase in allergies.

Symptoms of Allergies

Allergic symptoms may differ from one person. Generally runny nose, sneezing, itching of the nose or eyes, stuffy nose, eye swelling, eye, etc. can be read from the continuous water. Fever and asthma cases may be. These symptoms may arise will understand that your allergies, Therefore, if the symptoms get treated very quickly. If you do not stay silent allergy symptoms, allergy, but it is not a common disease. Allergies can be a big problem. Take the medicine with the symptoms.

What to do if you are allergic

First you need to know your seasons allergies or if you have allergies of any kind. At that time you are suffering from allergy problems, according to the doctor’s advice during a blood test or skin test may be known if you have allergy seasons, any kind of allergy you are pollen.

The poll involved can approach anything to stay away from the air. For example,

The windows of your home lock the door this time especially when the wind velocity. If the wind increases, or an allergy to a certain time of day, the time to stay home.

In the morning, the air is higher poll. Bring in the morning, if possible, reduce outdoor work. Keep car windows closed when traveling. Avoid grass lawns or flower gardens.

It may take a poll or outside on the balcony to dry clothes, so in wet clothes inside the washing machine dry or dry to remove.

Use sunglasses

When the mask out, use sunglasses. Sunglasses when you go outside you will take the course. You must keep to the mask. A little warning if you can avoid allergy.


Seasonal allergies are usually more allergy incidence of those problems may arise. Dust such as allergies, pet allergies or stomach. Inside the room, which is kind of a small bacterium known as mites? It creates allergies. Be aware of the allergy, it will reduce your suffering. Above all, please discuss them with your doctor about allergy.


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