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Some natural ways to shape care

                                      Some natural ways to shape care


How do natural skin care




We go on a lot of expensive skin care cream use. There is a lot of food which is more than the amount of chemicals. These types of food are more damage to our skin. Use the natural way to take care of your skin. Natural ways to get back to the brightness of your skin is very effective.

Egg –

Egg shapes a unique role in the study. Head with egg wash, pack the eggs are used in different ways to skin. Facial beauty egg comes back pack. Pack Dried egg yolk is very good for the skin. For dry skin, a few packs of eggs:


  1. A.Yellow part of the egg + half a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a few drops of olive oil + Make pack. The pack face wash, clear light on for 15 to 20 minutes after the first wash of warm water and then washed with cold water, the skin will be a very good result.


  1. B. Egg yolk and half a teaspoon of olive oil mixed with paints his face with lukewarm water for 15 minutes in the first light, and then washed with cold water. You do not need to apply for more than 3 days a week usually. Your skin will be refreshed.

Flour –

Your skin may be helpful in the ministry a lot of home cooking flour. Whatever the type of skin, flour is good for all skin clean .1 tablespoon of flour with raw cow’s milk, a little turmeric paste and rub it in the face of mixed 10/15 minutes and washed away.


Apply the paste on the face of enhanced water, flour faces incorrigible eccentricity is much lighter spots. It was like pea flour paste with water and applied to the face as a face soap to clean. Turmeric mixed with milk, flour and rub in the face for 15 minutes and washed.

Every meal at home in the kitchen, the flour can be in the form of beautiful women in the study used. Mix flour with water instead of soap for hands, feet and face paints can take a bath. Turmeric paste mixed with flour and skim milk in the hands, feet, and face and gently rub the light, warm water, then washed in cold water to see if the skin color in a few days are becoming brighter.

Vitamin C

Curry material rich in vitamin C skin lighter. It helps lighten skin from the inside and bright. The anti-aging properties to protect skin from aging, with the removal of the skin mutation also help to reduce dark spots and burning suns.


Naturally anti-bacterial ingredient in turmeric reduces acne problem. Skin elasticity of the skin and helps to maintain age. This whole process will help your black Bright. However, at least two months of regular use, since all natural ingredients have been used here, so if you want you can continue it.


Milk powder

Milk powder as a bleaching agent in the creation of well-known and often key role in skin tone cream is used as an ingredient. One teaspoon of milk powder, liquid milk mixed with a little spell smooth paste. This paste is completely dry, leave it until the face. When dry, rub them into the warm water and wash your face.


Skin will not be lasting a problem, if you’re careful skin a little. Who will make your skin a little awareness in your mouth like a sparkling smile?

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