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Let’s see, why the weight is increases

                                                Let’s see, why the weight is increases




Why increase the weight of our body



Nowadays everybody is fit we want, but we want to stay fit and why? Most of the answers are going to be fat. But we do know what we were going to rapidly become obese? There are many reasons we have to be thick-it is a very common cause of eight. And we need to recognize it, because we can be aware of the future.

For this reason, people are increasingly going to become fat

Due to a large number of people going down day by day, As far as fat people do not like to eat more calories than you spend. The rate of obesity has tripled and it has risen rapidly in children. Although there is still disagreement among scientists about the reason, it is certain that, with the changes in the environment, our genes are not changing fast enough.

Below are eight reasons to rapid fat

Fast food

The time now everybody loves most fast-food drink. All the more calories are only accepted, but it did not burn anymore. In the early twentieth century, most people simply ate the food in the house. Now, half the people around the world to eat at home instead of eating fast food.

Use sugar

Sugar is a general list of our food, the most common and also an element of bad. Too bad impact on the degree of excess sugar metabolism, which causes increased insulin, abdominal fat deposits, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, may be. This is a very bad impact on the hormones, which can cause obesity.

Excess calories

Fat causes obesity. In addition to the different types of sugar or illness may be the main cause of excess calories. According to statistics, in order to explain the rising rates of obesity, excess calories enough to rate analyzes.

Food is now cheaper than ever

Food is very cheap compared to other fast-food meal, which is very low in nutrients. Usually aromatic nutritious food is not such a crisp, so most people are leaning towards fast food.


 People drink more soda and juice love

Sugar is not good enough, but taking it worse liquid state. Any kind of juice is high in sugar in your diet by adding more calories. According to statistics, 60.1% juice of any kind increases the risk of obesity in children.


Do not burn calories while at work

Our labor rate is the nature of the work; so now we are just a few of the calories. Now that all the work has been based instruments. This work has been reduced calorie consumption cannot tell. We should be doing more to ensure that calorie consumption. Regular exercise can make to the cost of calories.

Less sleep

Sometimes we skip it and go to sleep enough. Less sleep due to the adverse impact of the different hormones involved in weight and helps to increase the appetite. There are many causes loss of sleep every day but in different types of artificial illumination and the use of electronics is the leading cause of sleep loss.

Did not reduce the weight of acquired

Most people gain weight during the holidays. Very tasty food during the holiday bump people this is acceptable, but sometimes the problem is not excess weight.


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