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Know some tips to grow hair on the head

                                                 Grow new hair on the head


Grow new hair on the head


Hair Beauty means the beauty of the physiognomy. If not, what is more beautiful hair? Hair care should be taken in the right way. One of the beauties of the hair of the head, How much of our problem with the hair. The hair is going to fall, going bald; almost everyone has heard these words. Many people reading this issue upset. So it is that you’ve got to try to reduce the hair fall. Hair fall is not decreasing but, on the other hand, the head of hair is almost empty. To solve this problem, there is a hair pack. This will reduce the hair fall. Grow new hair falling.

And just so it does not grow new hair, for something to be done. Let’s see what you need to do to grow new hair.

 One Onion

There onions sulfur, which is very beneficial for the hair. It increases the circulation of blood to the scalp; the hair provides nutrition gland cells. It also contains anti-bacterial, skin infections and fungus, which removes the head. Onion helps hair growth is to raise and grow new hair. I’ve got to prove it.

Black pepper

Black pepper plenty of vitamins A, C, and contains anti-oxidants. The pepper should be used in very low amounts. Your head will be a problem if you use more black pepper. Do not use more than four goals in the pepper.


The roses are red roses that can be made with rose water can be used. There are so mild sweet flavor. Onion juice will help to cover the smell of roses. The rose petals that will help increase hair growth.

How to create –

4 black pepper and 1 tablespoon of the grain should be soaked overnight in water teaspoon. Peel onion and cut onion into small parts should be. Now a chopped onion and black pepper (loaded with water) should to be blended with rose petals together. Once blended to create a smooth paste. You can put the paste directly on the head. If you want to avoid the washing time, and enjoy a sieve with a paste and strain broth eject.


How to Use

  1. be sure to brush hair well. Take a cotton ball dipped in the juice and the extra juice by pressing the eject stands. Scalp head of hair individually with the help of cotton ball and apply the juice. Thus, on the use you’re over scalp.
  2. When using the scalp Juice, with the help of a finger and gently massage the head of the Scalp at least 5 minutes.


  1. after 1 hour of the day. After 1 hour, remove shampoo, a course of mild use. Never use hair fall shampoo sulphate, not decrease.


Be patient. When the hair is not used for 3 days, I stopped using them. If you do not have to, Natural pack takes a little time to work. So be patient and continue to be used. 1 month, will head a new hair sneak peek beating II.


I learned this way of hair fall and grow new hair. We hope to use patience and will of course result. It has worked very well for me. One and a half month, I have seen the face of new hair. I hope you will help a lot.


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