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Make your skin shine at home in many different ways

                                Some domestic ways for your bright skin



Some domestic ways for bright skin



Even though we all like lighter skin is always beautiful and shine a little lighter. I think everyone has this wish. So we all have a lot to pack a lot of tri-cream to lighten skin and bright. However, the domestic decades this effort to lighten the skin bright and has a lot more effective. Today we have a way to lighten and brighten the skin as some of the domestic type.

Face pack powder milk and lemon juice

1 teaspoon in a cup of milk powder, teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey and 1/2 will take. This pack keeps the full-face for 10 minutes and wash. Much brighter than ever before, with clear skin becomes red. This pack can be used in all types of skin. The natural bleaching ingredient mixed with lemon and honey, and milk helps lighten skin. There are no additional disturbance elements of the pack, and everyone is more or less cooking at home. Apply this pack on your skin regularly another problem will go away.

Turmeric and tomatoes face pack

A pinch of turmeric, tomatoes and lemon juice mixed with 1 teaspoon, for your face skin and apply regularly. Your skin must be fairness. We all know more or less how to remove the tomato skin of dark spots. Bleaching material and yellow tomatoes herbal ingredients that work together to lighten skin. Normal to oily and dry skin of the face pack can be used.

Face pack mint leaves

Mint leaves for extending the existing oily skin with the nutrition of the skin shine. 15 minutes leaves and apply the paste on the face of it and put it on the face for 10-15 minutes and then wash the paste. This will pull the skin taut skin cover small holes. If you have allergies mint leaves to refrain from the use of this pack.

Amanda Oil Face Pack

Amanda 4-5 in the night, soak it in milk powder and butter to make a paste or mixed with ice cream on the skin and apply the pack. After 12 minutes, the pack for a while keeps 10 Scrub the skin, wash the skin. You’ll see the brightness of the skin to bring the pack worked out nicely. This pack will be soft on your skin, remove dead skin cells, and skin will shine. But if you do not want to use cream or yogurt and honey can be used. It`s quite beneficial for dry skin.

Banana Face Pack


The amount of tissue, such as a cup, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon yogurt mixed and apply on the skin regularly. Sun will pull away the fairness of the pack. This face pack suits all skin types. This face pack is very beneficial for the skin.

 Potato skins Skin Face Packs


Potato skin bleaching ingredients like lemon juice. Potato peels the skin and applies the paste on a regular basis. Regular use of the skin will be bright and fresh. This pack can be used in all types of skin.



For bright skin, follow our tips for your attractive look. If you follow our tips, you will get back your lost glory a few days. So the market itself is nonsense, do not use cream face pack to create. Domestic products are less harmful for the skin on your face pack.





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