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How would you bright your skin

                                                     Three new tips for the brighter skin


Bright skin



Every time she see his own face in the mirror was disappointed every time? Why do you think your skin is a little brighter? Many people who are countless brands in the market to buy products Chemicals loaded Beauty Skin lightning is his novel channels. These are much more than product prices, as these bad effects on our skin is less? Those who want a little light or bright skin are normal or natural for them to make today’s article. Here Today I’ll introduce you to a wonderful 3 Skin lightning mask. You can easily make at home, and that any kind of harm to the skin without being able to increase the brightness of your skin.

Orange and yogurt

This pack will be made with yogurt and banana peels. Bright orange peel skin is very important. Orange peel with your fingers will not be too much trouble for you. Orange peel and dried in the sun before you bring will not dried pack will not be made better. Keep up becomes dry orange peel.

How to create

Take the amount of orange peel, orange peel crushed it. 1 table spoon of orange peel tea powder in a spoon yogurt mix 1 tablespoon of tea. Make a paste of powdered orange peel vegetables. Mash20 minutes wait. Pack your magic was made, to clean the face well before planting. When planting in the face after 15 minutes and then rinse and dry.

In order to remove the black coloring of your skin is very effective in this pack. To remove black spots on the skin you can use this pack. It increases the brightness of the skin over the treated skin Black Head.

Honey and milk mask

There are many health and beauty benefits of milk and honey mask. Now, assume that the rules of the use of these two together. When combined with milk and honey as the clinger skin deep clean the skin, and the skin is so soft and tender and enhances skin radiance.

How to create

  1. Yogurt and honey mixed together leave little time.
  2. In the face mask, apply equally everywhere, after 15 minutes, thus leaving the skin.
  3. Then wash with warm water.

Remove skin spots. Clinger the mask and not just acne spots, it helps to dispel the chicken pox as a persistent Diageo. You can use this mask every day of milk and honey helps youth very good results. It is true that regular consumption of milk and honey skin, the mask is removed, such as skin, age spots, wrinkles the skin can be seen that it is eliminated.

Aloe gel and coconut oil mask

Aloe is the magic of nature. This is why a lot of skin is used in the ministry. Beautiful skin starts from the use of Aloe Vera is everything to reduce body weight. It is very effective to keep the skin moist. Therefore, the domestic production of Aloe is ideal moisturizers. Aloe and put it on your skin if you have a small infection can be easily cured. It is very good to highlight the role of the skin


How to create

Aloe both good moisturizer and coconut oil mixed with these two you can make a good moisturizer. The fresh leaves of Aloe Vera gel or Nature Republic and moisture Aloe (Aloe extract rich 9%) of the wash. Cover tightly into the upper part of the inner soft paste. This paste is mixed with coconut oil and keeps the jar. However, keep away from sunlight.

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