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How do you remove facial acne

                                                   3 brilliant tips for remove acne


How to remove your skin acne




We all want our skin to be bright and shiny skin that is not how we do things. Bright skin is not the end of our effort. Yet, I have seen our acne. Acne is very harmful for the skin. Everyone wants beautiful skin acne-free. But the pollution around us and eating habits due to acne skin problems. A variety of cosmetics can be found to reduce the problem of acne skin care product stores replayed. But there is naturally acne medicine to solve the problem. Some of the ingredients used are natural acne problem by reducing the face pack to learn more about.

Aloe and yellow pack

Yellow Natural Aloe and Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial qualities. Aloe Vera acne problem and so there is no pair. There are yellow Anti-Microbial and Anti pimples and reduce the effective role of times.

How to create this pack

Aloe juice from the eyeball to be separated and Then one tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice with half teaspoon turmeric mixed. Then the whole 30 minutes and wash off with cold water. At least three times a week using acne skin problem can be reduced gradually.

Citrus Pack

Talk of the fruit, such as lemons, oranges vitamin C and astringent on. These ingredients will remove bacteria from the skin and helps to make the skin shine. The pair of these factors does not stain the skin. This pack has been used fuller’s earth. Fuller’s earth helps to reduce the growth of acne.

How to create this pack

Two tablespoons of fuller’s earth, 12 tablespoons of lemon juice, mix water when needed. Take the whole face of the pack. There are places where there acne by applying a thick pack. Wash your face with cold water and leave for 15 minutes. Use three or four times a week from the pack. You can gradually get rid of acne fret.

Turmeric and azadirachta indica pack

Done medicinal properties of azadirachta indica helps reduce acne, which has anti-bacterial material. Remove the top layer of skin and acne bacteria from the skin azadirachta indica solve problems. Turmeric and azadirachta indica are both anti-phage materials. As a result, a mixture of these two materials using the skin of acne and acne to the shape becomes small very quickly and keeps the skin free.

How to create this pack

Fresh turmeric and azadirachta indica leaves to make a paste. Do not touch the face of a paste. The pack was made of paste. Now clean your face and apply to face. Hang on for 0 minutes in order to dry up, Then Once dry, rinse with cold water. Use this pack three times a week to get rid of acne. You’ll see your acne is reduced gradually.

We are spending a lot of money out of acne. Let parlor to remove acne, are available on the market use a lot of cream, is still our acne. We became desperate to get rid of acne. Try something that acne itself can be eliminated if we do not know it, learn it, and follow our tips. Usually when you use some acne face packs, how to pack the products, learn how to face follow our tips. If you want to use to cure acne face pack you will see these three days, I read a little bit in your face from acne will be lost.


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