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Why do you want to eat tomatoes and apples

Tomatoes and apple lots of vitamin


Benefits of tomatoes


Besides tomatoes, other vegetables in winter are quite attractive to buyers. Not just as a salad, tomatoes are used in many ways. Tomatoes in vitamin C, E and D are elements of various types of mineral content. These elements, as well as to meet the needs of the body of vitamins and anti-oxidant for the skin of ripe tomatoes is very effective. At least a day to eat tomatoes is highly beneficial for the skin. The Anti-oxidants are tomatoes good for the heart. However, it is not right to eat more tomato sauce. Tomato sauce, salt and other preservatives or food preservatives are harmful for the body. Beautiful skins to protect those who want to eat tomatoes not eat processed tomato fresh tomato salad tomatoes should be eaten as a light cooking. Wash the tomatoes well before eating. Many people are put on the skin of ripe tomatoes burst. The skin should be kept in mind is unfruitful. After eating tomatoes are only for the benefit of the body. Not just tomatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits to eat for beautiful skin is a good idea.


Why eat apples?

Benefits of apple

Eat an apple every day, keep doctors away. Very old talk. Apple eating the doctor will need to do less. What is so beneficial that it apple? Apple is a little expensive, but very helpful. It is a disease resistant and nutritious fruit which helps to maintain health. There are apple, sugar, vitamins, minerals, salt, fiber, pectin and maylic acid. Almost 50 percent of sugar. Vitamin E and vitamin C in the presence of vitamin apple planted in bark and bark less than fleshy. Fleshy parts of the bark apple 5 times more vitamin A than there. There are plenty of mineral salts of potassium, phosphorus and iron. A very small amount of sodium. Sugar apple energy source. The sugar for the body to digest food outlet slowly dissolve blood sugar levels remain stable. Apple is not a problem for patients with diabetes. Vitamin A and vitamin C is very beneficial for the body, guarantee two anti-oxidant in the body cells. Vitamin A needed for normal eyesight. Vitamin A needs to keep the skin smooth. Vitamin C is good for the gums. Vitamin C is required to produce more collagen various places, wound dry, iron absorption from the esophagus to increase resistance to disease, and even to prevent stomach cancer.


Why eat apples and apple Benefits?

  1. There is a type of antioxidant called koyactin apple, which is constantly being created in the body by eliminating free radicals.
  2. Apple potassium, magnesium reduces blood pressure. The reduce risk of the heart attacks.
  3. Apple iron anemia is beneficial.
  4. Reduce harmful LDL cholesterol pectin retin.
  5. Apple to prevent heart attack and stroke.
  6. Apple removes constipation.
  7. Apple reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  8. Apple is beneficial to arthritis pain.


Chew well and eat apples. Then you can take all the elements of the body to digest. Do not chew and swallow a piece of apple slices that melt well when the stomach is to get plenty of velocity. It may be a pain in the stomach. Apple chewing teeth cleaning and tooth brush works. Apple should not eat on an empty stomach. The acid indigestion may be due to the apple. And of course, a good wash before eating apples.

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