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Mobile phones, laptops and headphones to use these three things carefully

Mobile phone reduces the reproductive capacity:

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USA researchers recently said that mobile phone use can reduce a man’s reproductive capacity. Mobile launched a major impact in the pants pocket, and if a man’s sperm can be reduced by almost half. Many people do not know this information. According to the researchers, the use of mobile phones reduced reproductive capacity. Researchers recently conducted research on the issue in seven countries. America, China and Australia, researchers said, if the mobile phone is turned on pants pocket reduces the amount of sperm. Nobel laureate US researcher Debra Davis said a father who is trying to become a youth case studies, four hours of mobile phone use his sperm is half. He said, when applied to radiation of mobile phones on sperm then sperm weak, thin and becomes unable to swimming.


A kind of low-frequency waves in the mobile phone is transmitter device. The waves of the name microwave. Davis has warned about the use of mobile phones, mobile phone radiation will cause long-term problems. Continuous use of mobile phones is harmful to health. The research team at the University of Washington said excessive use of mobile phones causes’ sarcoma.


So, each of us will learn about the proper use of mobile phones. You cannot talk about more without a mobile phone. And mobile phones cannot always keep the pants pocket. A little careful when using a mobile phone, we can be free of danger.

Be careful with the use of a laptop

At the present time, the laptop is an integral part of our lives. Why do not we go somewhere that laptop is always with us? We use the laptop in case of need. The era of the online laptop is a much-needed thing. Moreover, office, business, education, play games, etc. for different purposes we are using a laptop. A few years ago it was not so much the use of the laptop and the desktop computer was used in most cases. There are still used in desktop computers, but much less than before.

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The laptop is easy to carry and use a lot of advantages as a result of the increased use many times. However, there are some rules for each thing, and when not in use in accordance with the rules we have different kinds of problems. If you use a laptop as the unconscious way we have different types of the body can be a problem. A person who works with the laptop on the lap for hours on end every day he might be forever deprived of the opportunity to become a father, according to USA research has suggested. On lap by lap leg laptop users to use the laptop to the increased risk of sperm-producing testis temperature is 2.9 degrees. According to USA researchers, just one-degree temperature increases than normal testis sperm or sperm failed to produce. The amount of heat emitted from the laptop, the users should be careful in this regard. So, the laptop to work on something is good. Then you will be risk-free.

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USA researchers also said that many of those who use their laptops for hours on end of the eye may be a major problem. So, they have to keep some distance from his laptop. It will be good for your eyes.

Headphones a serious harmful to the brain and ear

Headphones or Earphones one of the most style for the modern young generation. The boys and girls with ears headphone for entertainments to listening music or talking. What are more people of different ages use the headphones? A lot of people due to excessive noise in the ear, hearing loss and major problems in the brain occur that US researcher says. The brain is such a big problem and the risk of the life of people could die. All activities are conducted through the brain of the human body. US researchers said in their ears, so be careful in the use of headphones. And they said to use headphones with low sound.

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