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Each of us seriously harmful for the body of excess fat

Reproduction inability to excess weight







We all know that being obese or overweight people and how much difficulty in mourning because of the disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, and vascular several types of diseases etc. One of the reasons is that thick. But we do know that excess body weight has an adverse impact birth on our children. First come, how the excess weight will be calculated? Generally, body, months, your height and weight of the index is calculated.

Excess or less weight to reduce your fertility and what is your other problems:


If you say, a lot of women are obese child is born, then why so much talk about weight? But it is true that the problems facing children and those who have irregular periods, among them there are more overweight women in abundance. Polycystic ovary syndrome (a type of women’s disease), whether or not, and more weight irregular menstrual cycle in women less than egg cell Boom. Many scientific studies have proven it, childbirth Interoperability reduces excess weight. Moreover, the extra weight of the test tube system adverse effects of drug therapy. Still, a stout woman pregnant, the problem may be different. Both of the mother and the unborn child is likely to be a problem. The children from the mother’s high blood pressure and diabetes, and many types can be problematic. Moreover, these cases are more likely to have a caesarean operation. That’s because the child did not come to him as one of the gonadotropin hormone secreted the right, but not getting betrays egg cell. If the condition is caused by women are overweight. Studies have shown that, during the egg blooming in the ovarian falikor HCG hormone levels is low If can reduce the possibility of the fertilized ovum. This is the fat in their ovarian hormone is much less and the egg cell quality and much lower pregnancy rates.


The drug used in the test tube method is extremely high value. For those whose weight is more than the amount of drugs? Not only is that, in the case of using the GnRH agoinst relatively low egg cell found. Good to know, test tube method requires a lot of egg cell.


It has been shown, those who are obese or bulky uterus is less than embryonic implantation, abortion rate over the first 6 weeks and their birth rate is low. Another study found that, compared to the normal health of those who are obese pregnancy lower rate. It also occurs in normal pregnancy test tube baby procedure occurs.


Now let us see, how weight affects the reproductive capacity:


If you a lot of weight metabolic and hormones changed in the body. Such as steroids and other hormones such as leptin, prolin,ediponectin etc the effectiveness of hormone secretion and largely changed. Egg cell boom is a problem in the woman’s, and embryo growth is a problem. Even an embryo implants in the uterus may become a problem. In addition to the high cost of the drugs problem in the test tube method takes more volume, still can be seen in the test tube to the treatment of various problems that emerged in the process of being canceled due to pay. As a result, patients are facing financial losses, on the other hand is mentally very experiencing hardship.


So, those who are willing to take the normal or test tube baby procedure, their suggestions are: Bring your weight loss, keep weight within the ideal range, you can increase the chances of a child anyway. You can even increase the chance of success in the test tube method. Life style changes, regular exercise, diet changes often helps to reduce excess weight. However, if you fail to lose weight, of course, take the doctor’s advice. If you can reduce the weight of the many studies that have proven positive results.


People’s lifestyles, disease and reproductive capacity enormous impact on body weight. This awareness, orderly life, our life pretty much can eat well controlled.



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