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A variety of hair colors to enhance the beauty of the head

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The black color is of our hair. Many of us want to do our hair black hair black if we do anything different approach, but does not work. Some are starting to mature hair at an early age. This is not the end of our thoughts. But on that day and there is no reason Concentrate thinking about your hair style. You can sort the new hair style. Back to black hair no longer did not waste time. At this time other colors, including white hair, now than at Concentrate. Colorful hair fashion has now added a new dimension.

You’ll notice a lot of twenty people on their hair different color all age the expensive step. Football stars had their hair color. Performance artists are not lagging behind in this regard, as they dressed their hair a new color.

You can color your hair type

Silver color

Silver hair color has become the favorite of many people. Grey hair color has a separate importance. Silver hair color reduces your age makes you young. You cannot imagine how you color Young has silver hair. The color just did not care who sees your age, but it takes all kinds to adapt to fashion. Moreover, another important aspect of this colorful fashion color very expensive.

White color

Whatever I do, it’s the color of the hair goes up after a few days. The white hair is better to consider this regard. Whose hair is ripening at an early age, they can color white. Even if your white color white color cannot be easily understood. You busy lot of people; a lot of hair color is not the time to become. So you get the white color. And hair color back to your time. Six weeks after the hair if you go to a specialist, if you like white to color.

Brown color

Brown color hair fashion has added another dimension. Brown color is to hide your age. However, using the brown color is less than the age of the children. Brown color has become very dear to young people. Brown color hair takes you to adapt to any fashion. So you can color your hair color brown without any thought.

Domestic way hair color

You can change the color of your hair yourself at home. If you have time on your hands, then you can change the color of your hair.

Green tea leaves

You can change the color of your hair with tea leaves. The amount of tea leaves in the water with a spoon for about 50 minutes to warm. Then cool down. Shampoo well as the hair Delete. Now the tea washes your hair with water. In this case you will have to wait 15 minutes, and then washed with water hair reddish coloring of your hair will be. Thus, a few days, then see your hair has changed color. Changing hair color is so many days.

Using the walnuts

Black hair is reddish in color by using walnut can. 3. Take a spoon in the amount of walnut powder well, then the Heat. Take your hair when it’s cold. Is a good time to use it before going to bed? Take the hair in the morning before going to bed and then wash the hair. Then the hair is shampoo. You’ll see if you got it in your desired color.


Lemon acts as a natural highlighter. So the hair using the most beautiful colors to make lemon. Lemon interesting is able to use the color of your hair. Take lemon juice in a bowl first, then the same amount of honey to the plate. Mix them well. Now, put your hair to separate the hair roots well. Do not wait until your hair is dry. When hair is dry and washes well shampoo. Thus, in a few days, then see your hair has willed a lot of beautiful colors.




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